Week 5 – 50 Days of Easter (Praise the Savior)

Week 5 - Retuned Hymns for Easter SONG: Praise the Savior (Redeemer Indy) charts | hymnary I've posted about this song before but it continues to stoke the glory of Christ in my worship.  An ancient latin text by Fortunatus written for holy week services eventually gets translated into english by Augustus Nelson.  I found the... Continue Reading →

Red River Hymnal

Red River Hymnal - Christ the King Church (Austin, TX) New album from the musicians at Christ the King Church in Austin, TX.  Full of unique classical/folk tinged arrangements.  See song notes below. 1. The Lamb Has Overcome Original text and tune from Luke Morton - Great folk gospel jam with eucharist themes. 2. Glorious... Continue Reading →

Songs for Lent – New York Hymns

Red Mountain Music along with a number of other fantastic musicians from the New York area released a collections of songs last year called simply "Songs for Lent."  The texts were curated by Cardiphonia from the Sacred Harp as they entered into conversation with the traditional Stations of the Cross.  The music is still available... Continue Reading →

Judea by William Billings

Judea is a much loved shape-note composition by William Billings, widely regarded as the father of American choral music.  He was an untrained musician by today's standards who dedicated his life to writing hymns and teaching 'singing-schools' in the rural parts of new england in the late 1700's.   Recently this tune has been recorded... Continue Reading →

Songs for Epiphany

Most churches celebrate the season of Christmas.  The messages, music and decor reflect the themes, content, and traditions of the 'season.'  In a traditional church calendar the season of 'Epiphany' follows Christmas (The 1st Sunday after Jan 6).  Epiphany can be a wonderful tonic for the naivete and sentimentality that creeps so wholeheartedly into many... Continue Reading →

Sherburne – A Shape Note Christmas

Every year I resurrect one of the great shape note tunes to use as part of our music for the season.  Last year we sang "Milford" with a small ensemble and "Star in the East" congregationally. This year we are going to attempt an arrangement of Sherburne.  Now singing shape note as special music is... Continue Reading →

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