WSC Q.86 What is Faith in Jesus Christ?

It's profound to sing the raw, scripture saturated truths of God.  So thankful for this project to work out the shorter catechism in song.  Enjoy. Westminster Shorter Catechism Question 86 What is Faith in Jesus Christ? Faith in Jesus Christ is a saving grace whereby we receive and rest upon Him alone for salvation as he is offered... Continue Reading →

WSC Q98. What is Prayer?

A friend asked me to chart a couple of my shorter catechism tunes so I'm sharing them with you all. I love coming back to the WSC because of its boldness to answer complex biblical questions like this in succinct form.  It always ministers to my faith. Westminster Shorter Catechism Question 98 What is Prayer?... Continue Reading →

Jesus Loves Me – A song for baptism

Welcoming infants into our covenant family is one of the highlights of Sunday worship. There have been a lot of baptisms recently and I've been working on the baptism liturgy with our new pastor Geoff Bradford.  One of the traditions he brought from his old church in Philadelphia (Liberti Fairmont) was having the whole congregation... Continue Reading →

WSC Q33 What is Justification?

A free song and a post for Reformation Day. MP3 download --- Q33. What is justification? A: Justification is an act of God's free grace, wherein he pardons all our sins, and accepts us as righteous in his sight, only for the righteousness of Christ imputed to us, and received by faith alone.  

New Links for Summer Surfing

Here are a few links, notes, and songs that have been blowing around in all the NC heat this month.  enjoy. Resources for Family Worship Sojourn Kids has a wonderful page of resources --> HERE Shorter Catechism Resources --> HERE Kids Music Resources --> HERE --- It is Finished Pretty darn good modern worship from... Continue Reading →

Catechism Q4 What is God?

In 2006 I produced a CD of music to the first 38 questions of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.  It was a project I began in seminary as a way to fulfill a graduation requirement to memorize the shorter catechism.  The CD has gone on to help a lot of people from RUF interns, to home... Continue Reading →

Question 90 Shorter Catechism

I've been slowly recording through what will become the 2nd Shorter Catechism CD covering questions on the sacraments and the Lord's Prayer. Elliot and I were talking about the public reading of scripture this week and this song struck me as a meditation on a worship reality that we don't often think about, much less... Continue Reading →

The Church of All Ages

When I was in Grand Rapids last week I got to meet Howard Vanderwell who was the general editor for a book that I contributed a small sidebar to "Singing the Catechism," that talked briefly about the music I have written to the shorter catechism and how we used the songs in corporate worship at... Continue Reading →

The Westminster Shorter Catechism Songs

If you're looking to learn the westminster shorter catechism than you have found the right place! Here are two fantastic, and creative projects that have put the westminster shorter catechism to music as a way of learning it. ----------------------------------------- We're big fans here of Holly Dutton and her work putting music to the westminster shorter... Continue Reading →

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