Psalm 131 – a lullabye song

O Israel, Hope in the Lord mp3 | leadsheet . Is there ambition in my heart? Search, gracious God, and see; Or do I act a haughty part? Lord, I appeal to thee. . Refrain: O Israel, put your hope upon the Lord From this time forth, forevermore. . I charge my thoughts, be humble... Continue Reading →

Psalm 127 – Songs for the Sojourn

This Sunday we begin part two of a year long series on the Psalms of Ascents (Psalm 120-134).  We have entitled our series "Songs of the Sojourn" because the Psalms of Ascents were primarily pilgrimage songs sung by the Israelites on the way to Jerusalem to celebrate the major feasts (Passover, Weeks, Tabernacles, et al).... Continue Reading →

The Psalms of Ascents

We recently finished the first half of our year long journey through the Psalms of Ascents sponsored by a Worship Renewal Grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (funded in part by the Lilly Endowment) Christ the King has created a special site for 'show-n- tell' so people can participate in the journey we've... Continue Reading →

Psalms of Ascents Journals

As part of our series "Songs for the Sojourn" on the Psalms of Ascents we created journals for our congregation to use during church, as part of our community group ministry, and to help with personal devotions. Please feel free to download these and pass them along. Psalms of Ascents Journal - "Songs for the... Continue Reading →

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