Cardiphonia Compilation – Psalms 135-150

Cardiphonia is excited to release the first in a new series of compilations focusing exclusively on the psalms.  You can find them at a new bandcamp address  We started with the last section of book five - Psalms 135-150.  This section of psalms contains a lot of familiar psalms and phrases and is a great illustration of the... Continue Reading →

The Welcome Wagon – Purity of Heart e.p.

Between 2001-2008, in stolen moments after impromptu dinners and before the baby woke up, Vito and Monique Aiuto were assembling a lovely patch-work of sweetly angular hymns, quirky covers and practical pop songs.  Recorded, produced and given sonic shape by their friend, Sufjan Stevens, their labors were finally released as a record in December 2008. ... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Welcome Wagon

The Welcome Wagon is a married couple, the Reverend Thomas Vito Aiuto and his wife Monique, who execute a genre of gospel music that is refreshingly plain. Their hymns are modest and melodic takes on a vast history of sacred song traditions, delivered with the simple desire to know their Maker—and to know each other—more... Continue Reading →

Songs for the Supper Compilation CD

Please visit our BandCamp site to download our newest compilation of songs for the Lord's Supper. You can download the Songbook at this LINK Many of our churches celebrate the Lord's Supper weekly and we are always trying to find new music that we can use that strikes a balance between meditative reflection and expectant... Continue Reading →

Songs for Easter – Resurrection Sunday

What a joy to post a collection of songs for Easter.  To look over the span of church history and see so clearly those songs that have captured the joy, the power, and the truth of the Resurrection of Jesus. Recently I heard someone lament that we only sing the classic 'resurrection' hymns on Easter... Continue Reading →

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