Top Ten Songs of Sending

Cardiphonia and Liturgy Fellowship have a fantastic Facebook page where worship leaders can ask questions, get resources, interact with one another.  Recently someone posted a question eliciting favorite closing/sending songs.  Here is our curated (nowhere close to exhaustive) list.  Please add to it in the comments below. A few key themes found in these songs/hymns. 1. A presence/blessings focus... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Favorite Opening Songs

Here is the list you've all been waiting for: Our top ten favorite opening songs. A good mix of hymns, retunes, and contemporary selections. The opening song choice is really important in worship.  It establishes the musical identity of the congregation. It sets the tone for your worship and communicates who you are chiefly interested... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Congregational Songs from 2011

Each year after Christmas I spend some time reflecting on the singing at my church (Christ the King) during the previous year.  Mostly this turns into a journaling session where I thank God for the joy of serving the church in this way and note any special moments in our congregational song that struck me. ... Continue Reading →

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