Trinity Sunday Music Selections

Here are a number of our favorite trinitarian songs. Also, shout out to Liturgy Letter for a great list of articles and other liturgical resources. "Trinity Sunday calls us to repent of this forgetfulness. The gospel of Trinity Sunday, and of the whole church calendar, is the good news of today’s sermon text: Behold your... Continue Reading →

Jesus Loves Me – A song for baptism

Welcoming infants into our covenant family is one of the highlights of Sunday worship. There have been a lot of baptisms recently and I've been working on the baptism liturgy with our new pastor Geoff Bradford.  One of the traditions he brought from his old church in Philadelphia (Liberti Fairmont) was having the whole congregation... Continue Reading →

Songwriting and Theology Week 4 Trinity

In week four we examined the hymn texts of Charles Wesley and how he spoke of the Trinity. This topic is a particular passion of Dr. Ruth's.  Some years ago he published an article examining and lamenting the general absence of the Trinity in CCLI's top 25 song lists from 1989-2004.  In his research he found that... Continue Reading →

Songwriting and Theology

This is not a joke. I am actually taking a class at Duke this fall called "Songwriting and Theology."  Dr. Lester Ruth, a new professor to Duke, is teaching this course which he crafted while a professor at Asbury Seminary.  To address what he felt was a severe deficiency on the part of seminaries and... Continue Reading →

The Vertical Habits:Music

See Part #1 of this post on some background for what The Vertical Habits are. - The Vertical Habits was initially developed as an exercise to correlate the basic parts of human communication with the communication that happens in worship between God and us, and through that deepen our understanding of the role of communication... Continue Reading →

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