Porters Gate Worship Project

On October 6th the new Porters Gate Worship project will release their first album of collaborative songs related to the idea of vocation and worship.  Artistically attempting to address the systemic problem of connecting concerns of work to the worship of God. Isaac Wardell (formerly Bifrost Arts) is at the helm of the project with... Continue Reading →

[reviews] Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

{Here is a collection of reviews I wrote up recently for a magazine that didn't end up getting published. A few of my favorite albums playfully engaging with the biblical categories of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.} [Psalms] - Prayerbook 2 by Brian Moss Brian Moss is a presbyterian minister (Maple Valley Presbyterian) and accomplished... Continue Reading →

Church of the Servant New Psalm Contest

Excited to share that Wendell Kimbrough and I have co-won the Church of the Servants (Grand Rapids, MI) New Psalm Contest for our collaboration on Psalm 113 that was featured on the Hallel Psalms album.  The contest is sponsored by and held in memory of Ben Fackler. *update* Listen to a performance of this psalm at... Continue Reading →

Essential Songs Survey

Our good friend Wendell Kimbrough has gone to a bunch of trouble to put together a survey for Worship Leaders to reflect on the essential songs they feel that their congregation should know. If you are a worship leader or involved in choosing music for your church would you please take a few minutes to... Continue Reading →

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