Trinity Sunday Music Selections

Here are a number of our favorite trinitarian songs. Also, shout out to Liturgy Letter for a great list of articles and other liturgical resources. "Trinity Sunday calls us to repent of this forgetfulness. The gospel of Trinity Sunday, and of the whole church calendar, is the good news of today’s sermon text: Behold your... Continue Reading →

Week 5 – 50 Days of Easter (Wake Up Sleeper)

Week 5 - Retuned Hymns for Easter SONG: Wake Up Sleeper (Zac Hicks and Coral Ridge Worship) charts | video | Song Story Part of a growing collaboration between Zac Hicks and world class organist Chelsea Chen on the Coral Ridge Presbyterian worship album "His Be the Victors Name" that Zac describes lovingly as "Pipe Punk." Chorus riffs... Continue Reading →

Zac Hicks Greatest Hits Overview

I've been a fanboy of Zac Hicks since we first started swapping encouragements more than 10 years ago.  I love the work that Zac has done and continues to do to build bridges and wrestle with care, love, and theological acumen on the church and worship. Below is a brief guided tour to some of... Continue Reading →

Worship Leader as Chief Curator?

Title: Worship Leader, Chief Musician, President Curator Joshua Busman, a PhD student in musicology at UNC posted an article he wrote last week called "God's Great Dance Floor," Or, Why You Don't Need Ecstasy to Have an Ecstatic Good Time."  One of the remarks he makes in the article (and there is a LOT here -... Continue Reading →

Pop Rock Worship Recap

CICW recently hosted an interesting group of thinkers/makers to talk about pop rock music and its place in church music and culture. Now, from the pics you would think it was possibly just a truckers beard convention...but keep reading. Here are three posts from David Taylor who co-led the time (i think). A Benediction of... Continue Reading →

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